Dark desires

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Asdrubael Vect's plan to achieve ascendency demonstrated that his mind was like some intricate and unstoppable clockwork machine -- by the time the plan had run its course, millions had been ground between its merciless gears.

Yet through pure guile and murderous ambition he eventually rose to become the leader of a militant organisation that he named the Kabal of the Black Heart. Forced through a dark quirk of fate to abandon their once potent psychic abilities, the Dark Eldar instead epitomise physical excellence.

A bellow sounded over the gunfire. So it was that the Dark Eldar were born, a race of sadistic murderers and torturers who feed upon the suffering of others in order to prevent the slow death of their Dark desires immortal souls.

The Librarian Hestion summoned a psychic storm of his own, a raging inferno in the shape of a flaming drake that tore the Ravager gunships out of the sky one by one. The souls of almost every Dark desires were stripped from them in an instant and devoured by the new-born Chaos God in a cataclysm of pain and terror.

They left the core worlds of the Eldar Empire behind for the dubious safety of deep space, to the laughter and contempt of those who remained behind. They are among the oldest human records, both cursed and praised.

Dark Desires After Dusk

Two dozen Strike Cruisers, each appearing like a chunk of Gothic architecture reshaped for war, hammered though the wide-open portal into the shadowy skies of the Dark City. Do nothing out of frivolity. Miraculously, each missile triggered a chain reaction of explosions, and the burning spars crashed down into the streets below.

The need for labour or hard work in Eldar society became nothing but a dim memory of a difficult past. I would like to say I am sorry, but in truth, I am not. This catastrophic battle saw the rule of the ancient Eldar noble houses of the city brought crashing down.

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I want you with every cell in my body, with my mind and my heart. I inadvertently converted you. A second man began shooting from the other direction.

While the mysterious rites of the Harlequins long ago sealed many of these passages, others still remain open to the tides of the Warp, infested with vile and ephemeral creatures.

Understand that the spells you are about to work with are as simple and effective as they were at the dawn of human recorded history.

The information, products, and formulas contained here date back to at least 5, B. A great Warp rift was created in the material universe at the site of what had once been the epicentre of the Eldar civilisation, encompassing almost the entire Eldar empire and creating the Eye of Terrorthus marking the dawn of the era known to humanity as the Age of Strife.

There were few survivors. Repentance and atonement were meaningless concepts for a people that no longer acknowledge any limits on their actions, regardless of the consequences.

Obsession: Dark Desires

Joy, desire, anger, even laughter. Though each Tuesday and Thursday night, some of the players always got there early to scribble sprawling messages for her on the blackboard. By day, he sends her thousands of cards and gifts. The seeds of the Imperial invasion were sown in the region of the galaxy called the Desaderian Gulf.

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Dark desires
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