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Furthermore, I think if EasyJet made use of the Management Accounting Information, and at the same time considered the non-financial factors, they would be able to increase revenue as well as stay on top of their competitors.

The Easyjet strategy has to serve all big continental European destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London and many more cities. No refreshments served onboard except for snacks for which the customer has to pay.

On the same article it states that EasyJet carries over 62 Million passengers a year, and Essay easyjet Million of them are for business purposes. When cash ratio of EasyJet and Air Berlin airliner is compared, EasyJet maintains its cash ratio at a higher rate than Air Berlin airline in the last financial year The Essay easyjet is increasing over the years.

Marketing segmentation is nothing but to target specific customers in the market who give more value to the business. In calculation 9, Air Berlin net asset turnover over three financial periods has been 1.

In calculation 7 the collection period for Air Berlin varies over different accounting periods. It also has sub tabs for easy access to schedules, timetables and rates etc. Being an e-manufacturer meant that easyJet. Not only this but the structure, design, usability and usefulness of the website have enabled it to secure leverage over its competitors.

This is because easyJet. According to Michael Porter there are two types of competitive advantage, cost advantage and differentiation advantage.

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The company has mentioned its website address where ever it can. Operating expenses increased by Here leaser the price the more demand for the product or service. EasyJet Gearing Ratio Analysis The financial information necessary to calculate the gearing ratios is summarised in calculation This factor depends on the individual customer who is influenced by motives, perception, learning, personality and attitude.

Number of sales required for profit. Moving forward tothe Revenue was?? This advantage is gained by a company when it delivers similar products or services as their rivals at a lower cost. For the business and frequent fliers, easyJet. Success in this market is inherent in deliberate strategic e-business and e-commerce modelling.

It helps in designing and adopting new business model s that may be more attuned to the requirement and needs of the market by creating niches or segmentation.

Factors to consider before making Management Accounting decisions: Cash flow in the business has been increasing relative to the change in the debt level. Consequently it has become one of the most successful web sites on the Internet.

The lead time should also be as low as possible.

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These range from the site outlook to the usability and structure of the web site Dietel, Dietel and Nieto Consequently, the company uses technology mediation to sell its products and services and create business value.

The company also handles its own customer service. Ultimately, it will lose out in the competition.

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EasyJet airline has maintained a stable cash ratio of 0.This free Business essay on Essay: How can management accounting help EasyJet is perfect for Business students to use as an example.

easyjet Essay  EasyJet has a unique geographical location because it was born in England. Britain is isolated on geographical conditions, across the sea with other countries in the European continents, so the aircraft is the most convenient mode of transportation.

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Free Business Essay Abstract. is one of the top travel web sites on the Internet. The following report evaluates the business. easyJet Airline Company Limited is an appointed representative of AWP Assistance (UK) Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

AWP Assistance (UK) Limited FCA registration number is FCA authorisation can be checked on the FCA website.

Easyjet’s customer value proposition is based on providing low fares with customer orientated services using key resources and processes such as standardized fleets and online booking systems to maintain its cost structure which is a crucial component of its profit formula.

Secondly the essay will explain about how easyJet uses its operation strategies and its competitive priorities. Finally the essay will discuss the most important .

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