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Related Essays and Speeches, Paragraphs for children's, kinds and School students. The 15th of August is a very important day in the history of our country - India. Indian flag could be seen fluttering from almost every school, college, government establishments, office buildings and some houses.

Independence Day Celebration in India Essay

All major and significant government buildings are illuminated with strings of lights, primarily tri-coloured. The main thing about this festival is that it is celebrated by all, irrespective of any caste or creed After the 61 years of Independence, India is progressing leap and bounds in every sphere of life In technologyeducation, economytextileinformation, India is not behind any developing country In the field of sports also, India is doing well.

Importance of Independence Day in India Essay

In order to combat aerial attacks, the airspace around the Red Fort is declared a no-fly zone. The freedom fighters of our country gave up their lives to end the British rule in India.

Essay on Independence Day of India

The British had accepted the idea of partitioning India into two, resulting in the formation of India, and Pakistan as two separate independent bodies.

There was great resentment among the sepoys against the British rule. She was tortured and exploited under the Muslims, the Mughals and the English for centuries. Numerous colourful kits are seen flying in the sky. It inspires the youth of the nation to stand for the honour of the country.

Homage is paid to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. Colourful balloons are also re leased in the sky and often visit places. Ironically, this poem was sung first to welcome the emperor, George V. There we sing our national song. By way of Independence Day celebrations each year the younger generation is acquainted with the struggles of the people who lived in British colonised India.

Fifteenth August is celebrated as the Independence day of India. However, the independence saw a lot of bloodshed due to communal riots. All institutions and establishments whatever their size and shape, do it at their respective places Sweets are distributed on the occasion in schools and at other institutions and offices across the country The day usually starts with the playing of national and patriotic songs on public address system.

All our rights and freedom were snatched by the Britishers. This was an eye-opener to the British Government, and the story of its achievements and failures was an inspiration to the Indians for further struggle.India was under the British rule for a long time.

We fought for our freedom and got it on 15 August So 15 August is our Independence Day. India achieved independence from the shackles of the British rule on 15th August The day is celebrated annually across the Country with great pomp and show.

Independence Day Essay in English word India became independent on 15th August, after over two hundred years of slavery under the British. The day is celebrated as In dependence DayA nation’s independence is the most coveted thing for its peopleIndia had long remained under the rule of.

Independence Day Essay

Essay on Importance of Independence Day in India – Essay 2 ( Words) Introduction. Independence Day, 15 th of August, holds a special importance for the citizens of India. It is a day that reminds them of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters.

Independence Day Essay 1 ( words) The date, 15 th of August from in India has become a very important day in the Indian history.

Independence Day Essay (15th August) for Students and Children

It was the luckiest day of year when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters. India achieved independence from the shackles of the British rule on 15th August The day is celebrated annually across the Country with great pomp and show.

Essay independence day india children
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