The canadian flag

History of the National Flag of Canada

Others have speculated the 11 points represent 10 provinces and one country, but again, this is only rumour. The roughly one-third of Canadians who were neither of French nor British lineage tended to prefer a flag that was uniquely Canadian, and younger Canadians those born after World War II were likely to opt for something new and different that completely broke with the past.

When salutes are given, the flags The canadian flag not dipped but are left to fly. Updated 1 July Published 1 July Claim The eleven points on the maple leaf of Canada's flag represent the number of Canadian provinces and territories.

The principal political proponent of the change was Pearson. The flag of the Governor General of Canada was used—a Union Flag with a shield in the centre which bore the arms of each of the provinces, surrounded by a maple leaf wreath.

The flag bearer extends his or her hand and lets the flags fly free. Learn more about the Royal Union Flag. The Canadian Red Ensign, bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the Royal Arms of Canada, was lowered The canadian flag then, at the stroke of noon, our new maple leaf flag was raised.

The Great Seal of Canada was embossed and secured by a silk ribbon. The principal political proponent of the change was Pearson. George came into wide use as a national emblem of England induring the reign of Edward I. After weeks of parliamentary debate, the flag question was finally referred to a fifteen-member, all-party committee in September — a risky move, given that twice before in and again in committees tasked with choosing a new Canadian flag had been derailed by political squabbling.

Two years later, Canada celebrated its th anniversary and used the occasion to promote the new flag. New France continued to fly the evolving French military flags of that period. After various discussions over time, there were three final designs to choose from: Canadian Heritage has released guidelines on how to correctly display the flag alone and with other flags.

Over the course of the next century, the Red Ensign — a red flag with a Union Jack in the canton and the Canadian coat of arms in the fly — became the de facto if unofficial Canadian flag: On October 29,the winning design was proposed.

A joint committee of the Senate and House of Commons was appointed on November 8,to recommend a national flag to officially adopt. Diefenbaker opposition[ edit ] Diefenbaker led the opposition to the Maple Leaf flag, arguing for the retention of the Canadian Red Ensign.

Pearson gained power and decided to adopt an official Canadian flag through parliamentary debate. But the beaver is also a destructive creature, seen as a pest by those trying to clear and settle the land. Besides, why would a self-respecting country adopt a rodent with buck teeth and an outlandish tail — a cartoon animal that, some allege, consumes its own testicles when threatened and occasionally forgets to get out of the way of a tree it has felled — as the image it projects to the world?

The maple leaf gained even more significance during World War II; Canadian soldiers fought under the Union Flag, and were distinguishable by the maple leaf badges they wore and displayed on their army and naval equipment.

The Origins of Canada’s Maple Leaf Flag

Despite the failure of the committee to solve the issue, public sentiment in the s was in favour of fixing the flag problem for Canada.

When you think about the sugar maple leaf, you begin to understand how it won almost by default. It creates swamps where they are not wanted and consumes useful hardwood.

The Origins of Canada’s Maple Leaf Flag

Finally, Canada had a new flag. What elements would satisfy Canadians of both English heritage and French heritage, as well as those who were neither? The red cross associated with St. A desire to have the proclamation as part of a display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization marking the flag's 25th anniversary led to its restoration in Mackenzie King also tried to give Canada a new flag.

Great Canadian Flag Debate

The size of the flag is in no way altered and should certainly not be altered. On a Friday afternoon in the late autumn ofan urgent request came from Prime Minister Lester B. The creation of an official flag had become such a hot topic that it culminated in the Great Flag Debate in that same year.

This was created in the form of an illuminated document on vellumwith calligraphy by Yvonne Diceman and heraldic illustrations. The Prime Minister wanted prototypes of the proposals for the new flag to take to his residence at Harrington Lake the next morning.

It is universally recognized that the symbolic aspect of the Flag is found in its colours and symbols, not in the physical characteristics of the Flag or the things added to it when it is displayed. These programs increased the exposure of the flag and the concept that it was part of the national identity.

When carried, the National Flag of Canada is never dipped or lowered to the ground.Claim: The eleven points on the maple leaf of Canada&#;s flag represent the number of Canadian provinces and Canadian Flags United States Flag Store is the leading online vendor of Canadian Flags (also known as the Flag of Canada).

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Great Canadian Flag Debate

A symbol of Canadian identity. The National Flag of Canada was approved by resolution of the House of Commons on December 15,followed by the Senate on December 17, It was proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to take effect on February 15, Today I found out the origin of the Canadian flag.

Oh, Canada—a member of the British Commonwealth and the land of maple syrup, lumberjacks, and bagged milk. The country’s flag, a red field with a white square in the centre featuring a red maple leaf, is among Canada’s most well-known emblems.

Claim: The eleven points on the maple leaf of Canada&#;s flag represent the number of Canadian provinces and Feb 17,  · Red and white. Liberal Red, bcause the Liberals were in power inor the PC Party would have made the oceans blue. But the story is that each red bar signifies the Pacific Ocean & the Atlantic Ocean.

The red maple leave symbolizes how they co.

The canadian flag
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