The shark and the goldfish essay help

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We can either be the predator or a victim. Will we wait for our food or go and find it ourselves. These are some of the lessons taught from the mind stretching book The Shark and the Goldfish written by Jon Gordon, who was a International Bestselling Author of The Energy Bus/5.

Feb 08,  · Consequently, The Shark and the Goldfish is more of a quick-and-dirty tool than a magnum opus: A goldfish is alone is his bowl, perfectly content with being fed each day. During a trip to the beach he is accidentally swept away into the ocean, where he starts to go hungry.

A shark does not have the blessing of a brain with no memory as the goldfish does.

Diabolus ex Machina

And worse, sharks must always swim, and most sharks do not sleep. There is no rest, no break from its dreary existence.

Report I chose “The Shark And The Goldfish” by Jon Gordon for my book report. This book is about positive ways to thrive during waves of change and follows a goldfish named Gordy who washes out into the ocean.

In The Shark and the Goldfish, Jon Gordon shares aninspiring fable about Gordy, a pampered goldfish who gets swept outto sea. Desperate for food, Gordy meets a kind shark who teacheshim the ultimate lesson-Goldfish wait to be fed.

Sharks go findfood/5(15).

The shark and the goldfish essay help
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